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Beef Roasts

Beef Roasts

Standing Rib Standing Rib
A favorite for special occasions with melt in your mouth flavor and tenderness!
Price per lb. $15.99

Chuck (Semi-Boneless) Chuck (Semi-Boneless)
Extremely tender as a pot roast when cooked to perfection. Great in the crock pot with potatoes and carrots…outstanding flavor.
Price per lb. $5.99

Arm (Semi-Boneless) Arm (Semi-Boneless)
Fantastic for pot roast! Pick up one of our in store recipes for cooking this tasty cut with potatoes and carrots…
Price per lb. $5.99

Rump Rump
Memories of Sunday dinner come to mind with this juicy, tender beef roast. If you like beef on weck, this one’s for you!
Price per lb. $6.49

Sirloin Tip Sirloin Tip
A tasty, lean piece of meat which does well in the oven, crock pot, or rotisserie…it’s great as left over's for sandwiches too!
Price per lb. $6.99

Tri Tip Tri-Tip
A triangular section of the sirloin that comes from the point where the sirloin meets the round + flank... Superior flavor... Great for grilling...
Price per lb. $7.99

Eye of Round Roast Eye of Round Roast
Very lean cut of meat…tasty and delicious…cut into eye steaks if that pleases you as well…
Price per lb. $6.99

Top Round Roast Top Round Roast
Cook this roast for beef on weck or just to slice for cold roast beef sandwiches! It’s a favorite because it’s so lean and flavorful.
Price per lb. $6.99

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