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Pamper Your Pet

Pamper Your Pet

“Wild Bird Preferred” Suet “Wild Bird Preferred” Suet
The wild birds that winter over will flock to this 6 to 10 lb. chunk of pure beef suet…for bird lovers who really care…
Price per lb. $0.50

“Wild Bird Preferred” Small Suet “Wild Bird Preferred” Small Suet
This is a chunk of suet under 3 lbs. in weight for the lighter appetites gracing your bird feeder.
Price per lb. $0.75

Smoked Large Marrow Bone Smoked Large Marrow Bone
What better way to say “I love you” to your adoring pet! These fully cooked bones will turn up over and over again! Pets absolutely love them!
Price Each $3.50

Smoked Small Marrow Bones Smoked Small Marrow Bones
This is a bone with some size to it!
Price Each $3.50

Smoked Knuckle Bone Smoked Knuckle Bone
A great fully cooked treat for your adoring pet. This large knuckle bone will keep your pet busy for hours!
Price Each $2.00

Smoked Knobby Bones Smoked Knobby Bones
A smoked bone with a "knobby" end on it that is terrific for pups that like to chew!
Price Each $2.50

Large Fresh Marrow Bone Large Fresh Marrow Bone
A yummy treat for a larger dog!
Price Each $3.00

Mini Marrow Mini Marrow
This package includes 4 fresh, small marrow bones…especially nice for smaller dogs.
Price Each $3.50

Bags of Bones Bags of Bones
These are grocery bags about 1/3 full of fresh, large assorted bones, usually more suited to a medium or large dog.
Price Each $3.50

Prices Subject to Change